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Looking for a new hairstyle this summer?  Look no further because I have created the perfect hairstyle for you!

I have always worn my hair long ( I am talking 28 Inches long) and now I think it is time to start  playing with my looks. I created this look to be fun, sexy and sultry. The main goal I had when picking out my extensions for this wig was to look like i just stepped out of the 50’s Havana Style! I wanted to look like a flirty bombshell, with an unsuspecting cherry bomb attitude! #HolyRestingB***chFace

I hope you enjoy watching this video half as much as I enjoyed making it for you!



Product Used

Virgin Indian Temple Hair From India: ( you can use any type of virgin you have)  in 14, 16, 18 inches  Straight.

I did not get this hair from a website, I worked with a  hair dealer over Skype going thru her inventory to craft the look I was going for.

13 X 4 Lace frontal Closure: I got mine here! ( I have to say, I have been getting my closure from this vendor for a few years now but the last 2 batch I was sent  was sub par to me) #IamHairSnobtho

Spandex  Dome Cap: BBS

Elastic band ( I got mine from Walmart)

I styled this hair using my T3 Trio wand, I used the 1 Inch wand and  you can get one Here, or cheaper one Here! Trust me its worth the money.

I have no product in my hair, all I used was a pinch of organic cold pressed coconut oil for extra shine

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