Been Gone for too Long

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Hey You,

SO! I have been gone for way too long and for that I am so sorry. You had only one ( actually many) job Addie and that was to keep up this blog. You have just been a lazy bum right? Actually, Yes… Yes I have! In the last 5 months, So much life changing events has happened that kept me away from y’all!


First of all, I moved back home. Mississippi was great and all (LOL Great…..), but I missed Houston! I missed my family and my friends. I missed having a social life and I missed Jolly Jolly Bread… wait until you see my new waistline… Bad and Chubby! I have a new apartment that is way over the top with decor, but I am way over the top!  Let me Give you a small peek!



Don’t you just Love this Selfie Shrine! Where I took these Great selfies!




OK! Here is something you need to know about me! I HATE when people use appliances as decor! If you are not using just put it away! LOL my micro OCD.



unnamed 2


Shoes! Who doesn’t love Shoes! Bookshelf turned into shoe rack. LOL!



You can not have to many mirrors!

My style is definitely Glam! Lots and lots of art work!


My beauty/ Bathroom: DIY Feather bouquet!

I Love Art!




Secondly, I switched careers! I love being a lab manager, but I think IT consulting is my new calling. Now I keep very busy Traveling the US and Consulting for hospitals. I will try my best to keep this blog updated from now on, but you have to bear with me I am still new at this.




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