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I am on mission! What is this mission you ask? I am on a mission to grow out my hair all over again.


This is the starting out, i will give you guys monthly updated and length check. If you would like to go on this growth journey with me, here is my plan. You can modify it to work for you.

Morning :

On damp hair, apply Addie’s Oil mix ( This a growth oil mix that i created, if you would me to make you a bottle DM me)  and then Cantu Shea butter leave in conditioner.

Evening :

Feel hair for moisture index, if hair feels dry apply leave in conditioner then wrap in a satin hair tie.

weekend 1:

Oil treatment using  hemp seed oil and Olive oil, then wrap in plastic for a heated treatment.

Weekend 3 :

Protein treatment using fat free Greek yogurt and honey, then wrap in plastic for a heated treatment.

Another type of protein treatment i use is raw egg and mayo heated whip. ( This is the creamy crack for when your ends are so dry and brittle nothing can make it soft again)

Ps: I will be taking 10,000 biotin and multivitamin . I drink about 3000 ml of water a day and i am also vegan ( 1 month)


Happy Growing!


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