About ME

About Addie

Hi, I’m Addie! I was raised in Chicago but I live in Houston, TX.  It is such a pleasure to meet you! I know I am going to just love you already!


My life and work

I love to express myself through writing, photography, painting and most of all fashion. I live my Life on the go because I work as a Consultant. I travel about 80% of the time. I have seen a lot of place within the United States that I would never have visited on my own. 


About This Blog

 My love for makeup and everything beauty related has exposed me to  most of the products on the market. I will be sharing my experiences with you, from items I swear by to items I should have left at the store. It is not all makeup and fashion, I have some good bits about travel, hair and Do It Yourself  (DIY) activities that is fun for everyone. I enjoy life and I like to take it a day at a time! So spend your day with me, and thanks for visiting.


I would love to hear from you